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This deviation was deleted

This is liek ze best description I've ever heard EVER ;U;
This character is cute,and yes,he looks like emo :U
I understand that QAQ Coz my family and classmates call me as "emo" XD
His T-shirt is epic :3 I wanna know in wich sexsho- I mean in wich shop he bought it >w>
Jeans - Epic 8D I love them.I wish I could have them too ;w;
And boots...I think he stole them from Prussia or Germany o3o
About the tail - Y DA FUNK HE GOTZ THE TAIL?
Ohh...he is devil o3o STILL!I WANT IT XD
-le looks closely- Ohh there is one acsesuar (GRAMMAR FAIL) >w> It's cute on him ;U;
Anyways,where he bought all these stuff? ;U; I WANT THEM >:U
Thanks for attention <33
The Artist thought this was FAIR
3 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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